Video Released: Alva Braziel Had His Hands Up

A video footage showing the shooting incident in Houston reveals that Alva Braziel had his hands up before he was shot dead by the police.

Houston Black man, Alva Braziel met his untimely death on Saturday morning after being shot by the police.  The police account of the incident suggested that the deceased pointed a gun at them while they approached him. The police further said that Braziel defied multiple commands for him to drop his weapon, but rather pointed it at them, prompting them to shoot him.

However, surveillance footage from a nearby gas station seems to contradict the police’s account of the shooting. In the footage, Alva Braziel could be seen having a gun but he rose up his hands as the police car pulled up in front of him.

Per the video footage released, it is clear that so though Alva Braziel was armed he wasn’t threatening the officers and there was no need in shooting him 10 times.

The police officers seem to be escalating the already tensed atmosphere in the country by acting violent, unprofessional, and inhuman. The continuation of these careless actions may drive the country to into the very turmoil everyone is striving hard to prevent.

The police continue to murder Black people without any formidable reasons.  Situations which can be handled peacefully by the police have all turned bloody.  Do the police really stand for peace and safety? Their actions seem to say otherwise.

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