Racism In American Schools: Video Shows White Kids Chant “N-Word” On School Bus

Montgomery County middle school kids have tasted the outrage of the public after a video of them chanting racist words went viral on Facebook; further deepening the agony of racism in schools today.

A disturbing racist video of some white school kids has since been viewed over 172,000 times and had more than 10,000 shares on Facebook. The video has generated concerns among many parents and revived the debate about the dreadful effect of racism in American schools.

The awful incident happened on Tuesday when students of Montgomery County middle school were en route to school. Some white kids on the bus started singing using the “N-Word.” The daughter of a Black-American man, Jamar Long recorded the shameful act with her phone.

Long who got infuriated by the act, took to his Facebook page and posted the video. Attached to his post, he wrote; “our daughter had to experience racism today on her school bus from Robert Frost Middle School in Montgomery County MD. They are singing 1,2,3,4 how many n****** are in my store. I am outraged and I refuse to let this slide. Please help me make this viral. Repost everywhere!”

Several people, especially parents have condemned the act; calling on school authorities to instill discipline in the children.

The authorities of Montgomery County Public Schools have since then called for an investigation into the matter. In a statement released by the school, the Senior Communication Specialist stated that “The school is aware and is investigating the incident. It was a Montgomery County School bus. They will be sending a letter out to their community today and making it clear that this type of behavior is unacceptable and does not represent the values of their school and community.”

Moreover, the school authorities have assured the public that students who are found culpable will face disciplinary actions.

The principal of Frost, Dr. Joey Jones reiterated that the issue of racism in schools isn’t funny. He further advised that students be educated on the issue of racism and its effects on society. He said, “They just think it’s funny. Certainly, when you use that word, it is offensive to most people and it certainly makes people feel uncomfortable. So again, we are going to use this as a teachable moment to share with our students so we can understand each other and learn more about each other’s cultures and be able to move forward.”

We need to secure our future in order not to see the current happenings in our country today. And the children are the future of America. Hence, they need to be taught the right things. Therefore, schools owe the nation a responsibility of grooming our children right; teaching them to think right and be acceptable to every culture. The issue of racism isn’t something we will like to pass on to subsequent generations.

Source: Bossip
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