Funeral Of The Young Man Shot Dead By Raleigh Police Officer

Denkins’ funeral calls for change, peace and justice in Raleigh.

A Raleigh Police officer, Senior Officer D.C. Twiddy shot and killed a man on Monday whom he claimed was a felony drug charge suspect.

Police say the officer was trying to question a Denkins on a felony drug charge when he took off running, leading police on a foot chase down streets around noon. Witnesses say Denkins jumped a fence followed by the officer and after there was a gun shot.

Denkins’ funeral was four days after he was shot and a day after the preliminary hearing about the case which stated that Denkins pulled a gun and tried reaching out for the police officer’s weapon during a struggle and got shot by the officer.

People were surprised about the latest details of the case. They never expected such a report.

More than 100 people gathered for the funeral of Denkins’ this week. The mourners included friends, Clergy from across the city, activists wearing “Black Lives Matter” T-shirts, members of the Nation of Islam and mentors with Justice Served NC.

Most people wore anti-police T-shirts, red bandanas as a sign of grief. Denkins’ friends wore T-shirts with his picture on the front.

The funeral was an emotional service for the remembrance of the deceased. The service was also a call for Denkins’ death to be a spark for improving the community and fighting for injustice.

Bible Way pastor, Bishop Darnell Dixon began the service by asking mourners to give Denkins’ mother, Rolanda Byrd, a standing ovation. He addressed the report that was given a day before by saying “We believe in the report of the Lord”.

A preliminary autopsy showed that Denkins suffered four gunshot wounds, including one in the chest.

The State Bureau of Investigation will provide findings which will decide whether any criminal charges will be warranted.

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