Another Black Man Shot Dead By Police In Houston

An armed Black man, Alva Braziel, was shot dead by two police officers in the early hours of Saturday.

While the Black community is yet to get over the recent horror of police brutality resulting in the death of Black men, comes another killing. A Black man who was identified by his wife as Alva Braziel was shot dead by two police officers in Houston on Saturday at about 1 a.m.

The police report indicates that two officers were on a regular routine patrol, driving towards Cullen Boulevard when they noticed a man in the middle of the street with a gun. Braziel’s wife explained that he had a gun in order to defend himself because he was searching for somebody who had stolen his horse.  Per the report, officers instructed the man several times to drop the weapon but he did not heed to it.

According to the police, the man pointed the weapon into the air first and then pointed it at them.

Instantly, the officers pulled out their guns and fired multiple times. Authorities indicated that he died at the scene.

However, the police were wearing body cameras, but they have not released the video yet. It is hard now to trust police reports so only when the footage will become undisclosed it will be clear was it a self-defense or another cruel murder of the Black man.

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