Why Would BLM Back Out Of Pride Parade?

Black Lives Matter and community groups say more police at San Francisco’s Sunday Pride Parade will cause panic.

Black Lives Matter and other activist groups decided Friday, June 24, not to participate in San Francisco’s LGBT Pride Parade scheduled for Sunday after the organizers increased the number of police that will be present.

San Francisco Police Department and parade organizers announced that there will be tight security measures during parade due to recent Orlando mass shootings that left 49 people dead.

BLM officials, as parade grand marshal, disapproved of the city’s decision and decided not to join the event, stating that, “increasing the police presence at Pride does not increase safety for all people.”

Malkia Cyril, a Black Lives Matter official, explained that “as queer people of color, we are disproportionately targeted by both vigilante and police violence. We know firsthand that increasing the police presence at Pride does not increase safety for all people.” Cyril continued, stating that, “militarizing these events increases the potential for harm to our communities and we hope in the future SF Pride will consider community-centered approaches to security at pride events.”

One thing that comes in mind is how BLM activists are targeted to be jailed. These police officers are sent not just to try and arrest innocent Black people, but mostly activists, who stand their way. The more officers are present at the event, the more possible arrests can be made and such a big event can give lots of causes. 20-year-old Ferguson protester, Josh Williams, who confronted violent cops to say no to police brutality, can serve as an example of such practice applied. He was sent to jail for eight years.

Besides, Police didn’t protect Orlando club, they didn’t arrest Dylann Roof before he killed a lot of people. Whom at all can they protect?

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