1000 Days Of Flint With Toxic Water

On this week Flint has passed 1000 days mark without clean water

It has been over 1000 days since Flint, Michigan switched its drinking water source from Lake Huron to the Flint River, resulting in a public health crisis that has yet to be adequately addressed


“I’ve got kids that are sick,” one resident at the meeting told the local, state and federal officials in attendance. “My teeth are falling out… . You have no solution to this problem.” 

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Though Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder touted the efforts made to heal Flint – “we’ve made progress, but our work is not done,” he said Tuesday during his State of the State address in Lansing – city residents are still unable to drink tap water without a filter due to the lead contamination that began when the water supply was switched 1000 days ago.


A federal judge has ordered the state and the city to deliver routine supplies of bottled water to all the city’s households that do not have properly installed filters. Arguing the order is too costly, the state has appealed the order twice and was denied both times, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Black people left for 1000 days with toxic water and none of the officials are doing anything to stop this crisis fast. If anything, that should be a top priority for Obama, but in the last of his days he did nothing for black people in Flint. No one should live 1000 days drinking and showering in poison!

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