White Man Threatens Black Woman While Waving Confederate Flag

Henrico County Cierra Mayes explains how terrified she was when 54-year-old Thomas Lee Campbell vandalized her car and threatened her with a gun.

In an interview with CBS 6, a young African-American woman from Virginia, Cierra Mayes, explained a Sunday morning dispute that occurred between her and Thomas Lee Campbell over a residential parking lot.

According to reports, Campbell got upset after a black woman parked in front of his house during a community yard sale. He vandalized Mayes car with tree branches and left a note on her windshield, saying F**K you.

Mayes said, “I noticed someone was hurrying down their driveway so I went to the door and I knocked and I rang the doorbell but immediately he came out yelling, saying racial comments.”

She explained that she was shocked when Campbell, after confronting him about the note, went back inside his house and brought a gun to threaten her. “He points it at me, and then pulls it back up. I literally just froze, because I’ve never been in a situation where a gun was that close to me and someone was actually pointing it at me,” she said.  

A witness who saw the incident testified about  Campbell pointing his gun at Mayes and yelling racial slurs. At some point in time, Campbell went inside again and brought a confederate flag, waving it and cursing.

Police later intervened and arrested Campbell. He was charged with vandalism and brandishing a firearm. Campbell should also be charged with hate crime for calling the poor black woman racial slurs and punished accordingly, as justice is what the community looks for.

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