Freddie Gray Case: Suspicion Of Foul Play In Caesar Goodson Trial

Attorneys gave their closing remarks stating that if a prisoner is combative, “the officer transporting him has no responsibility for his safety.”

Jun. 22,2016


Third Freddie Gray trial Monday ended with the prosecution and black activists wondering, if the verdict on Thursday will be in their favor. All along, hopes were high as other officers testified against Goodson in previous trials.

The Real News reporter, Stephen Janis gave some additional details revealed during the trial: the officers got out of the van rapidly to check on the condition of Gray but none of them called for medical attention. William Porter, the first officer to have been tried gave a signal for Goodson to close the door.

According to the reporter, Goodson constantly stressed that Gray was combative. Meanwhile, a picture from the scene of arrest suggests that Gray couldn’t even stand on his feet after these officers brutalized him. And for the defense to say that Gray’s injuries were caused by himself is not an argument.

Final statements reveal that Gray wasn’t bleeding in his head, which allows to discard rough riding by Goodson as a probable cause of death.

Though, if we pay necessary attention to Janis’ words, we’ll see that Freddie Gray did not just die because of the action and inaction or negligence of the officers, he was brutally murdered. All testimonies made during the trial were lies intended to conceal this fact. It touches not only upon Goodson’s words, but upon the word’s of his fellow officers too.

If the judge rules in favor of Goodson, agreeing to treat clearly false information as evidence, Barry Williams will become a murder accomplice, and we will have the full right to say that the conspiracy against blacks does exist.

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Freddie Gray Case: Suspicion Of Foul Play In Caesar Goodson Trial
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