Get The Facts Right, Muhammad Ali Didn’t Live Beyond Race

Yet, Chris Myers says “when you saw #Ali you didn't see color you didn't see religion you saw a gentle man who was a strong fighter,a Champion you could believe in”.

Who do you think Muhammad Ali was? A black man that was famous? No, he wasn’t seeking fame, but to impact his generation. A boxer with many titles? He fought many battles in life and overcame them.

First and foremost is the struggle of a black American in his early ages, which he won over by refusing to succumb to the pressures of incarceration and segregation. He also changed his “slave” name to Ali, and gave a message of racial pride for African Americans and resistance to white domination.

The Greatest, as was Nicknamed, was resolute in his convictions. As a young black boy, who was athletic and a boxer, he refused to be conscripted into the U.S. military, citing his religious beliefs and opposition to American involvement in the Vietnam War.

Now, when a famous Africa-American dies, many of the white folks give credit of his success and achievements to his or her ability to “transcend” his race. But whether you like it or not, Ali was Black and was proud of being black.

You see, when it comes to black people, transcend is used as a way to say that blackness in contrast to whiteness is limiting. Blackness is that small tributary outside the white mainstream, and to swim in that mainstream is an achievement worth noting,”  Lawerence Ross stated.

His life and his victories prove that being black is not a hedge or some kind if disadvantage. We can all testify to the fact that everyone can become great, rich and famous if he or she had enough initial force. It therefore makes not sense to attribute a Black man’s successes to “transcending race”.

We salute The Greatest, Muhammad Ali. You have shown us that we can still hold on to blackness, and as beautiful as we are, become the mainstream in America. You are a true hero, and a legend to be remembered for all of time.

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