Cop Brutality: Officer Assaults Black Man Over “Loud Music”

Another case of cop brutality arises, as a Black motorist was brutally beaten for accidentally turning up the volume of his car music during a traffic stop.

The cop brutality is a cancer of our society. African-Americans are cruelly treated by police officers: cops often use excessive force on Blacks, even if the situation doesn’t warrant any. In this case, a Black man was beaten to a pulp by police officers during a traffic stop. Will the officers be punished for their vile behavior? We’ll have to wait on that. However, we have gathered more details about the incident from the following reliable sources:

Forbidden News

A black Miami Beach man claims in court that he was racially profiled, beat up and falsely arrested by three police officials all because he accidentally turned up the volume of his car radio after being asked to turn it down.

As recounted in a complaint of cop brutality filed in Miami-Dade County on Oct. 13, Bernard Williams was driving “in a normal and safe fashion” in heavy traffic in Miami Beach on May 26, 2013, when was approached by three police officers — defendants Leon Azicri, James Nolan and Charles Weiss — who ordered him to turn down his radio.

“Williams lowered the volume, but in the process of reaching for the volume control, he accidentally hit it so that the volume was actually turned up for a brief moment before he could lower it,” the complaint says.

Williams says that even though he had done nothing wrong Officer Azicri became aggravated and told him “put the f*cking car in park, you are going to jail.”

Williams says that after he was handcuffed and placed in a transport van, he told the police officers he had a surgically repaired shoulder, but the officers ignored his pleas and continued to punch him in the face and shoulders. See more

Filming Cops

According to the complaint, the police officers also damaged Williams’ vehicle by being purposefully heavy-handed while performing a search.

Williams was charged with a noise ordinance violation and resisting arrest with violence, but both charges were later dropped.

Williams says after he was released from custody, he went to the police station to file a complaint against the officers, only to have the harassment from them, resume.

He claims that Nolan blew a kiss at him when he first saw him, and then he returned with Weiss and other officers who surrounded him.

Williams says Nolan tried to intimate him by telling him. “p*ssy boy, you f*ck *ss n*gg*r, you’re talking to IA, I will f*ck you up.”

Williams says that he tried to evade the officers, but they followed him outside and called him a “n*gg*r” and told him “we don’t tolerate mother f*ck*rs talking to IA.”

“Williams sustained multiple injuries as a result of the unwarranted beating, and emotional damage as a result of the fear, racial profiling, and intimidation levied upon him by the officers,” the complaint says.

He seeks compensatory damages on claims of false arrest and imprisonment, excessive force and battery. He is represented by Michael Feiler from Feiler & Leach PL in Coral Gables, Fla.

Melissa Berthier, the Public Relations Manager for the City of Miami Beach, said that the city does not comment on ongoing litigation. See more

It is high time the issue of cop brutality in the U.S. was tackled head-on. We are tired of this kind of treatment from police officers. It’s quite obvious that they hate and disrespect Blacks, hence the countless cases of racial profiling, discrimination, and brutality. Williams did absolutely nothing wrong, but he was treated like an animal. We really do hope justice prevails and the officers involved are punished.

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