Dumbest Reason Why Cops Are Not Doing Their Jobs

Fox News panel gives the most stupid reasons for massive shootings in Chicago.

Fox News panel host Megyn Kelly asked a former Los Angeles police officer, Mark Furman, and their usual contributor, Sheriff David Clarke, to explain the reasons behind the steep rise in police violence in Chicago, a city “where there were more than 400 shootings just last month”.

Furman, when asked whether the massive shootings are a part of the viral video effect the police director suggested, responded that one of the reasons is “because of the technologies people have in the street”. He said the problem was also caused by the refusal of the officials to supply police officers with military grade materials to attack gang members, showing his strong support to the controversial concept of police militarization.

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke contributed, saying, “I also think that it’s a culturally dysfunctional Black underclass in the city of Chicago that’s causing this violence”. Sheriff Clark said that cops were scared of the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. “Instead of having lawyers from the Civil Rights Division down there combing through things, looking to snag some poor Chicago police officer for some transgression.”

Chicago black communities are facing real problems all because of City Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s poor leadership. The level of poverty in the city is close to shocking, the living conditions are no better, and nobody really bothers to serve and protect there. People continue to die from police brutality and police officials dare to blame those poor blacks for their deaths.

When at last, when they manage to attract attention to their problems through protests, police say they are still not going to work, as they work the wrong way and do not want to be punished. Doesn’t that sound childish and ridiculous to you?

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