Black Teen Runs From Racist Men For Life But Dies From Asthma Attack

A 16-year-old African-American Dayshen McKenzie collapsed and died from asthma attack, after he was chased by some white mob members.

McKenzie ran for his life as racist men threatened and called him racial slurs. One of the gunmen, while chasing the black asthma patient, shouted, “I’m gonna kill you, ni—er!”

Unfortunately, Mckenzie’s struggle for survival was fruitless. He collapsed and died from a painful asthma attack.

Diane Fatigati, a former New York police officer, who witnessed the chase, said the black teen’s death could be considered a homicide. “To me, it’s murder,” she stated.

According to reports, McKenzie and six of his black friends were targeted by a predominantly white group over a girl. The white mob group chased him with a gun intending to kill. Although they didn’t shoot him directly their goal was indirectly achieved – poor young boy died because of their racist threats.

McKenzie’s mother, Tisha Richardson, said that the only thing she wants for her son is justice.

The sad side of this is that these murderers and haters have not yet been arrested simply because they are white and the system will take all the time possible to find some excuses for their actions. So it is very hard to believe that these heartless murderers will be tried in a way they deserve.

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