Bystanders Provide Videos From 2011 Shooting Of Lamar Smith

A series of cellphone videos from the Dec. 20, 2011 fatal police shooting of a black man were released over the week.

The videos were submitted to the Post-Dispatch shortly after the former St. Louis Metropolitan cop, Jason Stockley, was charged with first-degree murder. One of the videos shows the footage of the scene immediately after Stockley fatally shot 24-year-old African-American, Anthony Lamar Smith.

The then-officer Stockley and his partner cop chased Smith, who the officers suspected to have had drugs in his car just because he was black, on the streets of Thekla in St. Louis. While flying the police SUV to stop Smith, Stockley is heard on the police dashcam saying, “going to kill this m/f, don’t you know it.”

After some minutes the cops crushed into Smith’s car and Stockley approached him and shot him not once, not twice, but five times. After the shooting Stockley then went on to frame-up Smith by placing a gun in his car. Investigation showed that only Stockley’s DNA was found on the gun.

Bystanders, who witnessed the incident, only gave the police the information about the crime after the officer was charged with first-degree murder.

Before the official commencement people couldn’t contact the police because they didn’t want to be hustled as witnesses in case the police decided not to blame Stockley and because there was little or no level of trust between them.

Stockley was charged on a bond of $1M, but was set free by the union without paying a penny. If he was black, he would be waiting for the court in prison like common people do. The videos might be enough to convict Stockley for murder.

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