This Recent Florida High School Graduate Hasn’t Missed A Day Of School In 13 Years

There are legitimate reasons to miss school, but not for this Black girl who is aiming for excellence

For 17-year-old Victoria Jordan however, school is undoubtedly her first priority. And it was just announced that the recent Paxon School for Advanced Studies student recently graduated among two other students who hadn’t missed a day of school in 13 years.

According to People Magazine, Jordan says her school just assumed that everyone had missed at least a day during the long period, but after they did some checking, felt they needed to give recognition.


“They were kind of surprised because they thought every single student missed a day, but when they realized it was a couple students that had never missed a day, they were like, ‘Wow,’ ” Jordan said.

Victoria and the other two classmates were honored by the Duval County Public school system during their graduation ceremony on Tuesday (May 30).

In college, Victoria Jordan plans to study software engineering and will attend Emory-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach this fall.

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