Palm Beach Cop Charged With Manslaughter In Death Of Corey Jones

Palm Beach Officer Nouman Raja, who fatally shot a black musician Corey Jones in October, 2015, has been arrested and charged with manslaughter.

On Wednesday, June 1, 38-year-old white Cop, Nouman Raja, was arrested and charged for the fatal shooting of Corey Jones. Raja, who was not in police uniform, attacked Jones on a highway. He shot him and called 911 to lie about the shooting.

Unfortunately for Raja, recordings from the incident, which were recently released, show that he never even introduced himself as an officer before shooting the 31-year-old drummer several times.

State Attorney Dave Aronberg reported that a grand jury said Raja’s shooting was “unjustified”. If Raja is found guilty, Aronberg noted, he will face a life imprisonment.

After Raja was arrested, Jones’ family claimed, “While we understand that nothing can bring back our son, brother and friend, this arrest sends a message that this conduct will not be tolerated from members of law enforcement”.

At least after a few protests, officials have finally taken actions to bring justice to the community.

Yes, Justice is all what is needed so that cops like Raja were kept somewhere away from adequate people. The more we have such cops in jail, the safer the streets are.

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