Awards For Best Behaved Officers

LA and some other cities are now awarding cops, who do their best to calm conflicts without brutal force.

Fatal shootings of innocent black men and women over the past years have given some police departments a cause to introduce new ways of reducing police violence by awarding and compensating officers, who show restraint while on duty.

According to reports, over 40 police officers in Philadelphia have received these awards of life preservation since last winter. The U.S. Department of Justice has also established Community Policing Awards for all cops, who peacefully dissolve conflicts or potentially violent situations.

Richard Ross, the Philadelphia Police Commissioner, told AP that “this is an effort to slow down situations for the sake of everybody concerned.” “An officer going home is of paramount importance to us, but everybody should have an opportunity to go home if that presents itself.”

Some officials claim that such measure will help to build trust between officers and citizens, but in reality, it is just a tactic for them to divert attention from cops, who violate the law.

White-on-white police encounters are mostly not violent, but African-Americans die day and night at the hands of police officers. Instead of issuing a reward for conflict prevention, it is necessary to issue real penalties for the use of excessive force.

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