Researchers Say Flint Water Is Now Safe For Bathing

A group of scientists claim Flint water is now risk free for bathing and hand-washing.

Lead experts from the Virginia Tech Research Team said Tuesday, May 31, that Flint residents can now go ahead to use tap water for personal cleaning, such as washing of hands and bathing and it will not affect their health.

Marc Edwards, a lead professor, and other professors from University of Massachusetts and Wayne State University, reported that their latest testing of Flint water shows a significant improvement over the past few months.

The team claims that the lead concentration in Flint water has decreased to a level that cannot affect residents if used for cleaning. However, the water is still not safe for drinking, cooking or washing of dishes.

Several months ago, the Michigan Governor, Richard Dale Snyder, announced that Flint water was safe to drink but later declared a state of emergency because of environmental disaster. In April, he announced to the public that he was going to drink Flint water for at least a month to prove his critics wrong. Unfortunately, Snyder’s one month Flint-water-drinking-challenge was a dead end.

One can argue that the recent investigation, made by these researchers, is a political mirage to calm the general public and media about the disaster, which Michigan officials created in the first place.

The only way to solve the water problem is to replace all water pipes, which, according to reports, will be twice expensive as before. Any other measure apart from this exact one may result into a premeditated homicide.

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