Black-Owned Marketing Firm Vox Pop Branding

We are glad to present to you our partner Vox Pop Branding. Support Black businesses with us!


Founded by Urina Harrell, Vox Pop Branding is a marketing firm helping small businesses and nonprofits establish and grow their brands. In addition to traditional marketing services, the firm offers small businesses and nonprofits affordable contemporary marketing tools in the form of customized consumer intelligence reports and subscription-based mobile application services. Using psychographic techniques, Vox Pop Branding provides reports that include the likes, dislikes, and purchase behavior of their clients targeted customers. Their mobile apps are built on behalf of their clients and customized to their needs and preferences. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to develop a mobile app, Vox Pops offers mobile applications as a monthly service which can be canceled anytime after the initial five-month contract ends. The combination of the high quality and price point of Vox Pop Branding‘s services and products makes them unlike any other marketing firm. Read more here…

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