School Closures Aim At Displacing Black Poor Students: Study Reveals

“White students were significantly more likely to transfer to high-performing schools than Black or Hispanic students.”

As at now, it is still unclear the best approach to handling students enlisted in poor-performing schools coupled with dwindling enrollment rate. For some people, relocating students to other schools is the best choice but the process is still unclear.

On the other hand, some others are of the view that, shutting down of low-performing schools isn’t the way forward. They say that it is an intentional act to neglect and shut down schools which are located in low-income Black communities. Opponents of the ‘shut down and relocate’ approach also stated that, why won’t the so-called low-performing schools be rather resourced to be able to match up to their competitors.

According to a report from the Rice University’s Kinder Institute for Urban research, the school closure approach particularly adversely affects Black students. The report disclosed that most often the students are transferred to schools that are not even better than the ones they shut down.

Statistics prove that about 52% of the students were transferred to schools that are ranked in the bottom third in the district for mathematics and the other 43% were thrown into schools ranked low in the district for reading.

The co-author of the report, Kori Stroub said that “I think the troubling thing is that, it’s kind of a mixed bag. Closures have the potential to academically benefit certain students, but they can also have lasting negative consequences,” Urban Edge reports. Stroub further stated that “White students were significantly more likely to transfer to high-performing schools than Black or Hispanic students.”

Furthermore, the research shows that after about four years into the transfer, the test scores of students transferred and that of those who were left in the district schools didn’t show any significant difference.

It is obvious that the whole system of ‘shutdown and relocate’ is just another plot to destroy the education system in Black communities. What accounted for the low-performance of those schools in the first place? Is it not as a result of inequity in the distribution of resources? Most of these schools suffer lack in many areas.

Yet they transfer these Black students to yet another low-performing school while their white counterparts are enrolled in comparatively better schools. It is sad how racial segregation is played out in every sector of our country. They seem to stop at nothing to see the Black man impoverished and deprived. But we must stand up against such inhuman policies and practices. The Black child is also entitled to quality education.

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Source: Newsone
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