Chicago Cop Exposed For Lying About Robbery Involving Black Men

A recent investigation uncovers shocking findings about a white Chicago cop, who fabricated stories about three black men robbing a shop.

Dave Savini, a CBS Chicago reporter, over the week, interrogated a white female Chicago cop Michelle Morsi Murphy, who made a false report about a robbery at a7-eleven store that never happened.

Officer Murphy, while off duty, called 911 to report three black men robbing a store. She reported seeing a Mexican in a grey hoodie and three black guys holding knives. And when the men were about to leave, Murphy dramatized like hell was crushing on her. She says, “Ooh my God, they are getting in the car; they are getting in the car”, even though the 911 operator repeatedly told her to relax.

In fact, the footage from the store shows that the men at the store never had any weapon; neither did they rob the store.

Murphy again reported that they robbed a gas station, but according to IPRA records, these men never even stopped at a gas station, not to talk about a robbery.

The same officer, who beat a Chicago reverend Catherine Brown and her children inside a car in 2013, also unlawfully arrested a woman for buying legal prescription drugs at Walgreen for her 84-year-old mom.

Should deceitful and biased cops like Murphy, who beat and pepper-spray blacks and laugh or fabricate stories about innocent people, be on the streets to protect us?

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