Ohio Cops Make KKK-Related Statements Regarding Trayvon Martin

Their punishment is a dirty slap in the face to Martin’s family.

Recently, a lawsuit was filed against two Ohio police officers, who were accused of making racially insensitive remarks. While they made these comments on duty and in the office, little did they know that their acts of racism were being recorded. Evidence of audio clips was presented.

These two racist cops, Patrick Allison and Edwin Downs, were heard making jokes about burning crosses and making new ones to make the whole process simple.

“We should make a little money,” Allison stated in one of the recording. “They ought to pay us to burn crosses in neighborhoods. We could sell portable crosses, like have a wood cross with the base so you could just stand it in the yard instead of like having to dig a hole for it. It could have like fire-starter chunks built into it.”

They were caught twice on a covert recording, of course by another officer, and could be heard using the n-word eight times when they were talking about the killing of the unarmed Black teen Trayvon Martin.

Even though Hocking County Sheriff Lanny E. North admits that two of his deputies were engaged in racist banter and doesn’t condone with them, saying “we should set an example,” their punishment tells us otherwise. They were just to complete a one hour course on cultural and diversity awareness.

This is not even a punishment but an outright information and knowledge that every cop should have and respect. For an officer to be reported on racial misconduct and for the department to handle such a serious case lightly is very appalling. This shows us how rotten and unreliable these officers are and their poor leadership. This is not the first time it is happening but over and over again, they make a foolish case out of it.

This must certainly stop and cops, who misconduct either on the field or at the office, no matter their rank, should be punished accordingly.

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