Black Housing In exchange For Hip Restaurants

Harlem does not leave the place for black and poor people anymore. But it has some space for rich white people and high-end housing.

Everyone knows the saying: “There is no place like home”. Is this also true for black people? In a lot of places in our country there is a straight line drawn between whites and blacks but, of course, we still have the sense of our own territory. The latest events in Harlem show that white wealthy people think otherwise.

High-end housing, hip restaurants, yoga studios, and different public improvements were brought to this city but were these made for an average black person? The answer is definite and sure as hell, no.

The government is about to change the historic retail-center 125th Street because it encourages housing and skyscrapers in this place. What does it lead to? The thing is that the average income of people, who live in this place, is about $37,000 a year and as soon as the new houses are built the cost of living would be too high to stay there. Just to make a comparison, a new median white household will cost approximately $141,000, where a typical black property is estimated by $11,000. Those two numbers are just shocking and show the resentful position of a black person in this situation. In other words, they want blacks to leave these places for the rich white people. The gentrification takes place there and, as a matter of fact, some of the historic places like The Renaissance or the Childs Memorial Temple Church, where Malcolm X’s funeral took place have been already destroyed.

White folks show no desire to share the neighborhood with black people by saying: “We’re not paying that much money to have black people living in our building!” The government eagerly supports them on this. In a matter of time, the mayor of Harlem wouldn’t care about rent control or public housing because he is far more occupied with building tall buildings up.

It is painful to see the old beloved houses gone and replaced with new fashionable expensive places for white people only. Sometimes it is difficult to believe that we live in a modern world because nothing seems to have changed. It is important for us to take responsibility for our future right now and start the changes. We must stop the destruction and take our lands back even if we need to go on a strike or a protest!

Kindly share this post to disagree with the ongoing gentrification in Harlem against black people.

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