Check Out 3 Awesome Black Women’s Blogs

These beautiful bloggers of color will definitely catch your attention.

If you are surfing the Internet looking for some topical entertainment updates then brilliant Nyla Wissa blog is exactly what you need. Nyla shares sometimes touching and sometimes hilarious video content adding her comments and waiting for the responses of her subscribers. Besides entertaining part Nyla also addresses police brutality issue which affects all the groups especially the Black community.

Another enthralling page that definitely deserves your attention is Daysha Edwi’s blog dedicated to Black women and challenges they face during their daily life. This wonderful woman talks with her subscribers about being single, beautiful and Black, mentioning some catching topics that you might be willing to discuss.

The third blog we’d like to present to you belongs to Tasneem Nashrulla, an intelligent New York reporter. She will help you to stay aware of the last news concerning the Black community and politics. With a certain humor style Tasneem presents last news updates that are going to pick your interest.

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