Austin Police Assaults A Black American Downtown

Lewis Holland has a history of assaulting people of color; yet he’s still in blue.

The racist attitude of the Austin Police Department is that they will find any flimsy excuse to brutalize people of color on a nightly basis. Recently, during a cop watch in downtown Austin, we observed a cop of the APD mounted patrol needlessly and aggressively move toward a man who was standing off to the side of Sixth Street while they were clearing the street. The man was never aggressive toward these cops. He only dodged the horse and this cop suddenly run the horse towards him, pulled him towards the wall and with the help of other cops, arrested him and pushed him to the street with them.

This officer, Lewis Holland, has been involved in several other brutal acts, like punching the face of a suspect and so on. Yet, what scares me is that he still has his badge and a gun. Who then can be safe in Austin, especially if you are black?

The state should look into these cases of police brutality and indict all officers who are guilty starting from them losing their badge.
The video below shows you exactly what happened from a standby’s video shot.

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