Mom Brutalized And Jailed For Presumptuous Child Abuse

She only allowed her son to drive a golf cart.

A beautiful family who always take a yearly vacation at the luxury resort on Bald Head Island met a horrible experience this year as soon as they met with police in North Carolina.

The mother of an 11-year-old son was brutalized, arrested and charged with child abuse for letting the son ride a golf cart. This happened when they were returning from the $1000 a night at the cottage when the boy said that he wanted to have a feel of the cart. Apparently, the parents, Julia and her husband Scott allowed him to have the wheel.

Not long after, a bad cop saw the boy driving the cart, he stopped it and questioned the parents assuming that they were drunk to allow the little boy have his dream. Little did the family know that their fun was about to turn into sorrows. In his thirst for arresting somebody, targeted this family.
“I thought maybe he was having a bad day. He was agitated. He was yelling, making vigorous hand gestures, leaning into the golf cart,” Stephanie Phelps, Julie’s niece said.

The cop went on to harass the woman, accusing her of being drunk and shouting her. But she responded respectfully to him that none of them were drunk.
“He asked Aunt Julie if she was drunk, and she said ‘no,’ and he wouldn’t let it go. He kept asking her, ‘Are you drunk, have you been drinking?’ … He wasn’t speaking in a calm tone,” Phelps recalled, “He was yelling, threatening to take her kids away from her.”

The things became worse, Julie’s only option was to scream for help, which the officer considered as resisting and applied even more force.
She was eventually arrested and then jailed. But the cops had no proof of her being drunk so they charged her with child abuse, for letting the son ride the cart. The case was taken to court and the judge dismissed the case after the second hearing.

However, the cop was not charged or arrested. Issues of police brutality are on the rampage in this nation and the government should not deal with it lightly at all.

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