Freddie Gray First Verdict: Officer Edward Nero Fully Acquitted

Judge Barry Williams found him not guilty of all charges; for he was reportedly "skeptical" of the prosecution's argument.

Freddie Gray, the 25-year-old who died after being in police custody where he was arrested and suffered fatal spinal injury during transportation. Nero, the second to be tried in Gray’s case among the six officers that were charged, was accused of six charges including a second-degree intentional assault.

Baltimore police officer Edward Nero was acquitted on Monday (May 23) of all six charges. According to reports, Mr. Nero was not around when the arrest was made and so couldn’t have assaulted Gray on arrest. He was one of the police officers that the prosecutors accused or raised the fact that Mr. Gray was not seat-belted. But the Judge said that the state did not just prove its case that a reasonable officer would have done just what Nero did. So there was no reckless endangerment.

This rule has drawn outraged responses on the social media. This shows how people are not pleased with another cop going to walk free.

Meanwhile, Freddie Gray’s family attorney, Billy Murphy is commending the judge who acquitted a police officer charged in Gray’s arrest and says the family respects the verdict.

Next trial is set to begin June 6 with the driver of the van, Ceaser Goodson, Jr.

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