Black Man Dies In Jail While “Faking” Sickness

Max Gracia, 22, died in jail without any medical treatment after he was bit by K-9 during arrest on August 6, 2015.

Garcia’ was stopped by a Florida police as he was a suspect in a robbery case. The moment of the arrest was captured on a surveillance camera. The footage shows that he tried to escape the arrest, running away from officers, when police dog bit his leg and held it about 3 minutes. After he got managed to set himself free from the dog’s teeth, he jumped into the nearby lake.

Later Garcia was brought to jail where he felt sick and suffered from the infection symptoms. He begged officers to receive a medical treatment but was denied because they didn’t believe in his complaints.

One of the jail nurses claimed that Garcia had been “faking or exaggerating his medical condition and inability to get up.”

The young man was finally delivered to the hospital only when he wasn’t able to get up from the floor and was “groaning in a lethargic manner.”  He died there the same morning.

According to the results of an autopsy Garcia had got E. coli infection caused by the dog’s bite, and he could have stayed alive if he had got the proper treatment.

“He’s screaming, he’s crying, other inmates are saying this guy needs help, and nobody stood up. Nobody did anything except ignore his cries of help,” says family lawyer.

There are numerous situations when people of color don’t receive needful treatment in detention facilities. Not speaking about violence they face from the law enforcement staff.  This case and similar ones should be considered as a murder and those responsible should be punished severely.

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