Drug Abuse More Common Among Whites Than Blacks In America

A recent study shows that young white people are 30 times more likely to abuse drugs than black people.

A Northwestern Memorial study shows that white teenagers abuse “hard drugs” more frequently compared to that of black teens. The observation was made after a study conducted within a period of twelve years on troubled teens of all race after their detentions.

According to the findings, non-Hispanic white teens suffered disorders from cocaine 30 times more compared with black teens. The Hispanics – over 20 times more compared with blacks.

For quite long we’ve had a stereotype that black people abuse drugs most, but the recent study says the reverse.

A Professor at the Northwestern University Linda Teplin noted that “Our findings add to the growing debate on how the war on drugs has affected African Americans.” “We found that African Americans are less likely than other racial/ethnic groups to abuse hard drugs. Yet, African Americans are disproportionately incarcerated for drug crimes,” she said.

Now the question is if the war on drugs will be focused on these white youth? Or will they continue to wrongfully imprison innocent African-Americans?

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