Racist White People March in Brownface at New Year’s Parade and Mock Black Lives Matter

White people in Philadelphia were wearing mocking costumes at the Mummers Parade insulting and verbally bullying #BlackLivesMatter protesters.

Mummers parade itself is one of the longest running traditions in the country. The parade began in 1900 as an official event for the city; however the parade has been going on since the 1800’s as a way to celebrate the New Year. Now, it takes place not merely in people’s homes or private clubs but largely right out in the open, in the heart of the city, and City Hall, on 2nd Street.

It’s a silly tradition which stems from back in American history where average citizens typically wore blackface. After the protest led by NAACP in 1964, it was allegedly curbed. But recently in 2015 it occurred and this year as well, one should not expect anything different.

This Mummers Parade isn’t just racist; it’s also misogynistic, too. But participants in the Mummers Parade want #BlackLivesMatter and the rest of America to know that their parade is not racist.

In view of this, protesters will be on the scene with their signs, banners and noise makers to represent for the issues that matter to our communities like funding public schools, fighting for a minimum wage, immigration rights and explosive oil trains.

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