Two People Tied To Flint Water Crisis Found Dead

The bodies of two people involved in Flint water crisis investigation were found dead within days.

Within a span of a week the bodies of Matthew McFarland and Sasha Avonna Bell were found dead in extremely mysterious circumstances. Both of them were related to the investigation of Flint water crisis.

Bell was just 19-years old, but she had already become a political activist thanks to the Water Crisis. Sasha filed a lawsuit after her child had been poisoned by lead. All of a sudden she was shot and killed in a double murder. Right after her death, the first criminal charges against government officials were announced.

43-year-old Matthew McFarland was a Water Treatment Plant foreman, who had been interviewed regarding the water crisis. He was found dead in his Otter Lake home on April 16. Cause of death? Unknown. The investigation remains open.

There is a perception that these two deaths are just a “coverup” tied to the ongoing municipal mess. However, the police deny this hypothesis. Officials did not comment on the situation.

Obviously, the government, especially Governor Snyder, don’t want the accusations over the crisis in Flint to turn into something more than accusations.

We should demand an independent investigation into these two mysterious deaths.

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