Obama Announces Visit to Flint, Mich., in Letter to 8-Year-Old Girl

President Barack Obama on Wednesday decided to visit Flint, Michigan, to speak to the residents about the long endured water-contamination crisis and receive an in-person briefing on federal efforts put in place to assist the people.

The White House announced Wednesday that president Obama has finally made a decision on visiting the city of Flint, Michigan, after enduring water-contamination crisis, and also receives a briefing from the federal government on the measures put in place to addressing the problem.

However, his decision was made prior to a letter from an 8-year-old girl, Mari Copeny, popularly known around her city as “Little Miss Flint,” who first wrote to the president asking to meet him while on a trip to Washington, D.C. In president Obama’s response, he made it clear to the little girl he would visit her city on May 4, and that he is going to meet her.

The city of Flint has been whaling for two years now since its water source was contaminated. Water in the city has become “good for nothing” because the basic use is not profitable to mankind anymore. Several people on this note have called for rescue from the government, including a letter drafted by Filmmaker, Michael Moore to president Obama, but there haven’t been any fruitful results.

Many questions have been raised as to why the late visit and response? Why hasn’t he dealt with the situation as the president of the nation? And if “Little Miss Flint” who has been affected by the water had not asked for a visit, wouldn’t have president Obama come to the city’s aid?

There is no second thought that Mr. Obama is the president of America, but he has “falling blind eye” to the people of Flint by ignoring the city and its problems for such a long period is not worth it. He ignored the letter of Michael Moore but answered this little kid. It is very clear that Mr. President cares about his image more than the people of Flint, if not, he should have visited long ago.

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