Minnesota To Pay Tribute To Seven-Time Grammy Winner Prince

The singer’s home state is now going to officially celebrate Prince’s birthday

June 7th is officially declared “Prince Day” in honor of the legendary and one of the most recognizable singers who shocked the world with his untimely passing.

Prince Rogers Nelson’s unexpected death on April 21 was caused by an accidental overdose of the prescription opiate fentanyl. Prince was a prolific artist, who revealed his unique deep talent through his intimate and ethereal music which had an immediate and long-lasting impact around the globe.

Prince will be forever known as a pop music legend and our memories of his genius will never fade.

In this context, the Office of Governor Mark Dayton proclaimed June 7 to be “Prince Day” in Minnesota. According to the proclamation, “Minnesotans are encouraged to wear purple on Prince Day in honor of The Purple One’s enduring legacy.”

We ultimately support this decision to commemorate the musician’s death. He deserves to be remembered as an iconic singer who addressed many social issues with his music.
Being an active supporter of the BLM movement, Prince advocated for racial justice and equality.

Remembering the life of Prince and his outstanding personality, we feel a deep sadness thinking why there’re so many places in America, as well as dates celebrated by people, named after predators of the past. Thousands of Blacks died at the hands of merciless white enslavers whose names are now given to the streets and universities.

Black people are frustrated as they want to honor those with their good deeds rather than people humiliating and brutalizing them for centuries.

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