DOJ Takes On Newark’s Racially Biased Police Department

DOJ announced that it has reached consent with the citizens of Newark, New Jersey, on the police misconduct and has tabulated rules to curtail such incidents.

The Department of Justice, after a period of deliberation in the city of Newark reached a settlement that will cater for the way citizens are treated by local police force. “We found a series of troubling practices—including unconstitutional stops, searches and arrests, the use of excessive force and theft by officers—in violation of the First, Fourth and 14th Amendments,” Vanita Gupta, head of the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, said in a press conference. “We found practices that not only broke the law, but also eroded trust. We found policies that not only harmed residents, but also lacked accountability. And we found systems that not only failed the community, but also failed officers themselves.”

The agreement focused on police brutality and violence. Official will ensure that an intensive training program will be conducted for all officers. Issues of assaults and unlawful arrests were also highlighted.

Even though we commend the DOJ for a great effort to combat police misconduct, it’s not enough just lay down the rules. A keen follow-up should be done to fulfill the principles. However, there is no word about racial discrimination in the recommendations- which makes it look like all the agreement came up in favor of White America.

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