Man Hired To Remove New Orleans Confederate Statues Has Lamborghini Torched

The man has since backed out of the city contract, fearing threats made against him and his family.

Days after the city announced the contractor hired to remove four Confederate monuments in New Orleans quit due to death threats, authorities are investigating after a Lamborghini was found burned Tuesday morning at the contracting business.

The discovery was made in the parking lot of H&O Investments in Baton Rouge. The company belongs to David Mahler, who is a contractor for the city of New Orleans.
“This is just a possession and can always be replaced, but someone has something to say to us,” Mahler’s wife wrote on Facebook Tuesday.

Mahler and his employees have since back out of operations from this project for their own safety especially that of his family.
It’s a good decision since their lives are worth more than a $200,000 Lamborghini, for no one know when these vandals would attack next and who would be the victim of their vicious acts.

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