UPDATE: ‘Day VII of Hunger Strike’: Rally In Front of Mission Station

Day VII Hunger For Justice SF Hunger Strikers said the rally that took place in front of Mission Station 630 Valencia Street SF CA resulted with intimidation from the Mayor and the Police Chief.

According to exclusive news from a woman who contacted BlackMattersUS from the Hunger Strike crusade, SFPD made it clear the previous day that their tone of tolerance for the strikers had changed. Previously, they were allowed to use the bathrooms and the outlets in the common area with no protest. In exchange, the strikers have been keeping their protest area clean and organized and being mindful of not blocking access to the station or the sidewalk. Last night the Captain of Mission Police station took advantage of the fact that strikers were weary from almost six days of fasting.

The Police Captain told the strikers that they could not have the tents on the sidewalk and that if they did not remove them, they would be arrested. Then they told the strikers that they no longer had access to the public restrooms in the station or the outlets. The Captain had gone so far as to cut the power from the lobby outlets.

Core strikers Edwin Lindo and Cristina Gutierrez joined the supporters in the lobby of the police station demanding access to the public restrooms. After a standoff in the lobby, Lindo and Gutierrez were able to meet with a Lieutenant who eventually reopened the bathrooms. However access to the power outlets has not been restored.

Since this strike began Mayor Lee and Chief Suhr have made no effort to communicate with the strikers or the community about the murder of Black and Brown citizens of SF at the hands of SFPD. Last night’s confrontation with SFPD shows that the only way the Mayor and Chief can communicate with the community is through intimidation and violence. But we want to assure them we are not afraid of intimidation and we will do everything legally without violence to achieve our goal.

Appreciation goes to the community and the press who joined the rally. A simple demand such as Chief Suhr and Mayor Ed Lee being relieved off their duties is what people of color seeks. Let’s all join the hunger for justice movement if you live in San Francisco, and if you don’t live there, join our flashmob via the social media.

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