Jury Awards More Than $1M To Driver For Improper Arrest

A Germantown man has been awarded a sum of $1 million by Philadelphia Jury Wednesday for a wrongful arrest and imprisonment.

A Philadelphia Jury on Wednesday awarded a sum of $1 million to a 38-year-old Kareem Alleyne, after he was wrongful arrested and thrown into jail during an accident that occurred in 2012. Alleyne said he was in shock after all these years he had finally been vindicated when he burst out in tears on Wednesday when he heard the verdict.

According to The Inquirer, Alleyne, who worked as a bank teller was charged and jailed in 2014 vehicular homicide and involuntary manslaughter, in a collision outside the home of a woman with whom both men had relationships.  Alleyne sued the homicide investigators, when the judge dismissed the charge for lack of evidence. According to Alleyne, their investigation was just a means of “crucifying” him because of the deceased.

During the eight-day trial, the officers, Lt. Philip Riehl and George Pirrone who arrested Alleyne and also initially denied the allegations testified that he should have been charged, and that he told prosecutors as much at the time. Nothing was done to minimize damning evidence against Brady, whom he described on the stand as “a ticking time bomb.” “Everything we did was pro-Alleyne,” Riehl said.

Allyne’s attorney, James Funt expressed his gratitude for the outcome after for years of intensive fight over his client’s vindication.

The 12-member jury, after the testimonies of the officers, decides to award the wrongfully convicted man with $336,000 for harm to his reputation, $330,000 for economic losses, $318,750 for emotional and mental anguish, and $45,500 for legal expenses.

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