Black Man Faces Horrible Death After Unconsciously Knocked Down-Bystanders Refused To Help

A black man was knocked down, robbed and was left in the middle of the road whiles bystanders left him to be ran over by another car to death.

The Blaze reported that the family of a black man who was knocked down by an assailant outsider in the middle of a highway after he was robbed, and was left to face a painful death by another vehicle whiles bystanders watch are questioning the humanity of the state.

The 32-year-old victim, Marque Gaines, was attacked along the road by a man at Chicago 7-Eleven on February, 7 in the early morning.  Fortunately, surveillance camera captured the sad incident and how inhumane sometimes people can be simply because of race or skin color.

As Gaines was hit very hard by unknown person, two people quickly came up and robbed him of his belongings. His cellphone and credit cards were taking, the family said. Sadly as it is, no one bothered to help him in his miserable situation, before paramedics arrived.

This is very evil, just because of skin color an innocent person is allowed to face uncomfortable death.

Take a look at this graphics were the whole incident is fully detailed.


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