Dash Cam Reviews: Police Attempted To Run Over Black Man Before Shooting Him

Sacramento, California police officers have been exposed by dash cam reviews as they planned to run over Joseph Mann before shooting him to death.

Shocking dash cam footage reveals the wickedness of some of our police officers. The two Sacramento police officers who shot Joseph Mann 14 times to death also attempted to run him over with their car.

One of the killer officers could be heard saying, “f*** this guy, I’m going to hit him.” this communication between the cops transpired before shooting him, The Sacramento Bee reports. The two officers, Randy Lozoya and John Tennis drove straight to Mann and then backed up. They drove towards him again then they pulled over and got out of their vehicle. The officers then shot Mann 14 times.

The dispatchers claimed that Mann had a knife and a gun in his possession but the police had made a contradictory statement; saying that “Mann didn’t have a gun or knife on him.”

The community has been provoked by this cruel act by the police and has since then staged protests to register their displeasure.

Robert Mann, brother of Joseph Mann said, “They are officers that shouldn’t be in uniform.” he went ahead to say that “If this is their state of mind when they go to work, this doesn’t serve anyone well.”

Mann’s family has filed a lawsuit against the two officers.

This is absurd! What do these cops take us for? They planned to run over an innocent Black man without any provocation. Can the cops be trusted even a little? Emphatically No! Cops in America do not have respect for Black people. They think we are some kind of lesser human beings? Then there is a need for them to reconsider their erroneous thought. These officers must certainly not escape justice. It is just surprising how these kind of officers find their way into the police service. Cops are rather making living uncomfortable for us; doing the very opposite for which they are being paid.

 Source : The Grio
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