No Charges Against 911 Caller Involved In Crawford Death

Fairborn Municipal Court said on Monday that a 911 caller involved in the wrongful death of John Crawford III in a Beavercreek Walmart will not be charged.

Fairborn Municipal Court, after a sitting, decided that a 911 caller, Ronald Ritchie, which led to the sudden death of the 22-year-old John Crawford in August 2014 at the Beavercreek Walmart will not be charged.

According to Atlanta Black Star, the Ritchie was walking down the aisle when he saw a black man with what he suspected to be a real gun; meanwhile it was a toy BB gun. A quick 911 call was made by Ritchie and officers were dispatched to the vicinity. Officers say they had no choice of gunning the 22-year-old man down because he refused to heed the command.

Attorney Mark Piepmeier on Monday decided that there was no probable cause to prosecute Ritchie for instigating the young man’s death, even though in his first interview 2014, with The Guardian, he admitted that he was not completely honest about the details leading to Crawford’s death.

Ronald Ritchie didn’t kill John Crawford III literally, but in fact, he was fully responsible for his death. Ronald Ritchie is even guiltier than police officers who kill Crawford because they acted according to the information Ritchie gave.

Nevertheless, someone who instigated a death of an innocent person should not have to go scot-free. There is every reason to blame Ritchie for Crawford’s death. We need a retrial, and he should be charged for making false report.

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