Ohio Police Spares The White Dude And Kills The Black Guy Over A Toy Gun

One was black the other white, both holding toy guns but the 22-year-old black male, John Crawford was fatally shot by a police officer in a local Walmart.

On a cold day sometime in August, Crawford was at a sporting goods center as he picked up a toy gun waving it around while a customer called 911. When the police showed up at the scene, he was asked to lie down and yes he did but that wasn’t enough for the police so they rained bullets on him like he wasn’t human.

A similar situation had occurred few hours earlier in the same Ohio but this time it was a white dude, Christopher Lugale. As the cops went to investigate him, he took a real-looking rifle and pointed at them. The officers were patient, calm without knowing that the gun wasn’t real and later took him into custody.

When he’s black there is a different reaction – responding with brutality. Whilst Laugle pays $2000 fine, Crawford loses his life. The police department shows no remorse and it’s clear from Officer Phil White’s tweet that the police force today is meant to use their “…God given and law appointed right and duty…” to kill blacks.

This is injustice to the highest level. Situations like these happen every day in our societies but no actions are taken.

Share and create awareness let the world see the evil done by the police.

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