NYPD Officer Who Shot Black Man Receives No Jail Time In Manslaughter Ruling

A New York judge came out with a verdict Tuesday that the former NYPD Officer, Peter Liang, involved in the shooting of Akai Gurley will not serve jail time.

Liang was convicted of manslaughter in February, but Danny Chun who is the state Supreme Court Justice said on Tuesday that he was reducing that conviction to “criminal negligence homicide” and thereby sentencing the former officer, Peter Liang, to five year probation and 800 hours of community service.

“Given the defendant’s background and how remorseful he is, it would not be necessary to incarcerate the defendant to have a just sentence in this case,” Chun said during the hearing, according to the Associated Press.

Akai Gurley was shot by ex-Officer Peter Liang in November 2014 when he and his girlfriend were exiting stairwell. According to Liang, he fired his gun after being startled by a noise. Gurley was hit in the chest; as a result he died from a severe injury.

Liang who is serving no jail time even refused to provide medical assistances during the fatal incident. Therefore the Gurley’s felt they have been betrayed by the Brooklyn District Attorney, Kenneth Thompson, because he should have been indicted and thrown into prison.

The bereaved families of all those who have suffered from this police injustice joined the Gurley’s in protest outside the court house during the trial to call for police accountability, meanwhile, the Chinese-Americans also feel Liang was made a scapegoat for past injustices.

Peter Liang is a murderer, who even failed to provide medical assistance to a dying man. He must be sentenced to prison, as any other person on his place. We are tired of police preferences!

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