Black NYPD cop awarded $15 million in damages for his trauma in a police riot

Justice served for Police brutality in the case of Larry Jackson.

45-year-old Black NYPD cop Larry Jackson said, “I feel vindicated” after he was awarded $15 million in damages for his false arrest and harassment by his fellow cops.

The stunning verdict to the amazement of all proves the famous saying, ” what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”
The vindicated Jackson on August 22, 2010 became a victim of a police riot. At the scene, his wife and cousin called 911, to report a case of an armed man thrashing their daughter’s birthday party.

Off-duty police officer Jackson, who was unarmed tried to convince the gunman to leave the party but to no avail.
The defendants claim Jackson failed to identify himself as cop, which wasn’t true. Thus leading to his battering by batons, adding a fracture to his shot hand.

Testifying at the trial all officers testified not touching Jackson, beating him or handcuffing him. Except for John Czulada, who said he punched Jackson in the face because he felt threatened by the 6-foot-3, 300-pound plaintiff.

This act which is an action of police brutality against blacks didn’t go down well with the Jury. “The jury has sent a message to the Police Department that what happened was unacceptable,” said Jackson’s lawyer Eric Sanders. “And that guy with the gun? No one ever bothered to look for him.”

Racial profiling by NYPD cops has reached its peak. Considering that he, Stephen was a cop, except for his race, he wouldn’t be touched.

And why should all black men be considered threats and criminals? Even Police badges cease to make a difference now and the worst is yet to come if measures and policies are not put in place to check all cops in all states nationwide.

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