Joe Biden “Not Ashamed” Of Bill Clinton’s 1994 Crime Bill

The vice president is the architect of the controversial bill, which is responsible for the high mass incarceration of African-Americans.

Vice President Joe Biden has revealed on Monday that he is the architect of the 1994 crime bill, a piece of legislation that former President Bill Clinton signed into law.

Biden said during an interview with CNBC that he’s “not at all” ashamed of the controversial bill, which has garnered criticism for contributing to high mass incarceration rates that disproportionately affected communities of color.

“I drafted the bill, as you remember,” he noted and dismissed criticism that, he said, comes mostly from Black Lives Matter activists.

“We talk about this mostly in terms of Black Lives Matter. Black lives really do matter, but the problem is institutional racism in America,” Biden added. The vice president lauded the bill for creating drug courts and putting “100,000 cops on the street”.

According to the vice president, the bill made neighborhoods “more harmonious”.

However, his fellow democrats including Rep. Bobby Rush and Sen. Bernie Sanders, who voted ‘Yes’ on the bill in 1994, have criticized it for having dramatic and largely devastating effects on African-Americans.

Sanders said earlier this month that Bill Clinton “owes the American people an apology for trying to defend the indefensible,” after the former president berated Black Lives Matter activists for condemning his Crime Law.

Rush apologized last week for supporting the bill saying, “Crack cocaine and the crime bill were the two worst issues, problems, catastrophes that the black community has suffered from in the last 15 years.”

Many believe that the bill ripped apart African-American communities by imposing stricter sentences for minor offenses, promoting longer prison terms, expanding the death penalty and included the notorious three-strikes rule, which is responsible for African Americans constituting 1 million of the 2.3 million people behind bars.

The fact that all this was done through calculated efforts by those in government, who sought to “bring black people to heel,” makes us wonder how out-of-tough Biden really is.

Perhaps, the veteran politician needs some schooling on what exactly institutional racism is, and a trip across predominantly black cities to see how ‘harmonious’ they are.

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