Missouri Man Pleads Guilty To Threatening Blacks At University

Hunter Park, pleaded guilty to making terrorist threats against Black students at the University of Missouri.

A white male form Missouri has pleaded guilty to making online threats toward black students at the University of Missouri after university’s president stepped down during protests over his handling of racial abuse, Reuters reports.

Hunter Park, 20, pleaded guilty to the charge in the Boone County courthouse in Columbia, Missouri, and will be sentenced on June 16, Boone County assistant prosecuting attorney, Brouck Jacobs, said adding that he was seeking a three years prison sentence for Park, who remains free on bond until his sentencing.

“The facts of the case merit prison and not probation,” Jacobs said.

The university, widely known as “Mizzou”, was caught in a heated unrest that started last September after reports of systemic racial abuse, and inadequate response from the administration led to student demonstrations.

The protests came to a climax in November, when the university’s football players spurned practicing and playing until Tim Wolfe, the then president, resigns.

Park, then a sophomore studying computer science at Missouri Science and Technology, was arrested two days after Wolfe’s exit for circulating threats on social media, including Yik Yak, where he posted anonymously that he will “shoot every black person” he sees.

“Some of you are alright. Don’t go to campus tomorrow,” another post by Parker read. “We’re waiting for you at the parking lots,” read the third post. “We will kill you.”

Threats, intimidation, and acts of discrimination from racists such as Park shed light on the systemic racism that was rife in Mizzou. Therefore, the protests that grappled the university were justified in steering a dialogue and bringing change.

Park is an example of homegrown white terrorists, bringing terror to our doorstep and inflicting more harm to our nation than the extremists we police the world over to apprehend.

If we don’t deal with bigots like him, who have the impudence to make threats of mass murder against a marginalized racial minority, then waging war on global terrorism would be a waste of taxpayer’s money.

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