Hillary Clinton Should Stop Trying To Connect With The Black Community

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on a breakfast club morning show in New York City was spotted trying to impress the black community with her response to a question.

The presidential aspirant, Hillary Clinton was heard on The Breakfast Club morning show, a broadcasting radio in New York City, saying that she “keeps hot sauce in her purse,” which is a traditional “thing” for blacks, especially the old folks.

In the interview:

Angela Yee: What’s one thing that you always carry with you?

Hillary Clinton: [Without missing a beat.] Hot sauce.

Charlamagne tha God: You know folks are going to see that as pandering to black folks.

H.C.: Is it working?

Hillary Clinton has a good team of black and Latino advisers who created a program how to win black votes. As a matter of fact, it’s not a surprise if this show was a fixed one or she was fed on this episode as to how to answer that question. But there is one thing that makes the whole campaign looks like s–t. It is completely dishonest.

If Clinton tries to act like the black people then it’s ridiculous, because blacks are already aware of her tricks and her hidden agenda. Clinton’s words and acts previously have proved her stand with black people, so she should focus on her white campaign and leave the blacks alone.

Hillary doesn’t care about black issues and Bill Clinton’s words are the attest to that. Even if she will paint her skin black, she won’t be good for black people.


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