Atlanta Driver On Drugs Injures 2 Black Children, Killing 1 in Accident

A white Atlanta driver which was suspected to be on drugs run over three Black children and killed one on the spot.

The Atlanta police department reported that the driver, Ryan Lisabeth, was on top speed to Joseph E. Boone Boulevard on Friday when he lost control on his steering and knocked down three black children at the sidewalk.

Channel 2 on Monday said 9-year-old Isaiah Ward “gave up a ghost” on Sunday afternoon. Ward sustained serious injuries such that he was on a life support until he died. The other two kids, Roland Ward and Timothy Hood, 11 and 12 years respectively, are still under intensive medical treatment in Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta because of the level of sustained injuries.

According to Police report, Lisabeth was under illegal drug and that may be the cause of the accident. Apparently, Lisabeth did not allow the police to conduct a search in his car. Now he faces charges which includes serious injury by vehicle, reckless driving on the wrong side of the road and possession of illegal substance, Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The families of the children have found it tough after the incident. The mother of the deceased has no tears in her eyes any more. A very hard time for “mother Ward.”

“[The accident] is something we are taking really hard around here. This whole neighborhood,” said Danny McCall to 11 Alive.

Whatever it will cost, the families of these kids should make sure this godforsaken human will suffer the same fate for causing sleepless night for these families because of his insane acts.


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