Blind Black Veteran Humiliatingly Ruffed By Cops Files Charges

62-year-old veteran Claude Ruffin is a blind man, but notwithstanding, he was wrestled down to the ground by a team of ill-mannered cops, who refused to identify themselves.

Ruffins is filing charges against NYPD cops who responded to a call by security, claiming Ruffins kicked a door at New year’s in 2014. The disabled Ruffin was sitting on his bed in his room at the Borden Avenue Veterans Residence, when the cops came in and dragged him out.

The Blind and almost helpless old veteran was later charged with resisting arrest and assault on a police officer following the turn of events after a fight sparked between himself and the “unidentified cops.”

In an interview with the Daily News, Ruffin said, “I’m not expecting for police to come. Two people grab my arms. But I was cool. I walked outside with them, but then they began to manhandle me!”

When he was taken down by the cops, Ruffin said, “I went to get up and I put my hand on one of their gun, ‘Oh, this is the f—ing police!’.”

“They should have identified themselves, the least they could have done was that,” the blind man said. Ruffin couldn’t have identified who they were and yet these cops failed to let him know.

Surprisingly, two other shelter residents, Shabazz Ali and Henry Davis, were also arrested for trying to aid Ruffin. Davis “almost” suffered a shock from a shot-gun during the struggle. He was pepper-sprayed.

“We kept yelling, ‘You’re dealing with a blind man! You’re dealing with a blind man!’” Ali recalled the scene.

Shabazz said, “No one said ‘I’m the police.” It would have just been more than right for the cops to introduce themselves.

Workers at the shelter facility confirmed Ruffin never kicked the door, rather, he bumped into it as he walked around without his stick. Not surprisingly, charges against Ruffin were dismissed outright but with the charges hanging over his head, Ruffins was unable to secure permanent housing,  attorney David Thompson explained.

“Police have to identify themselves and they have to do it in a way a blind person can trust,” Thompson said.

The NYPD are noticed for their racial bias attitude towards Blacks. Morever, “The NYPD Patrol Guide, which is approximately 2,000 pages, mentions blind people only once,” the lawsuit reads. “It states that police should not take enforcement action against a blind person for violation of the Canine Waste Law.’”

Ruffins is old and weak but importantly, blind. Being black didn’t mean he deserved to be mishandled like he was. Cops with such approaches to invalids should be stripped off their badge.


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