Hazardous Lead And Copper Levels Detected At Some Detroit Public Schools

High levels of lead and copper in 19 Detroit public schools’ water supply systems force children to switch to bottled water.

Water test results from Detroit public schools show that about one-third of the schools tested have elevated levels of lead and/or copper in their water.

According to officials at Detroit Public Schools, 62 elementary and elementary-middle schools were tested between late March and early this month, with copper and lead levels at 19 of them found to be above safety thresholds established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The report, which was released by officials late on Wednesday, raises fears of widespread contamination in the cash-strapped school district that is already struggling with severely deteriorating infrastructure and charges of fiscal irresponsibility and corruption.

The state-controlled school system is reportedly in dire financial strain resulting from an estimated total debt of $3 billion. Moreover, the school district’s alleged corruption and mismanagement of funds has made it impossible to acquire additional loans needed to fix its crumbling buildings and outdated infrastructure.

Like their neighbors in Flint, students from the affected schools are left without any option other than to drink bottled water.

This water contamination crisis, which has hit predominantly African-American communities, stinks of utter negligence by officials, who instead of fixing the school district’s outdated infrastructure, are busy depriving and poisoning America’s youngest and brightest in a million-dollar corruption scheme.

These officials deserve to be punished for their corrupt practices as well as for endangering innocent school children.

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