Police Shooting: Falsely Accused Black Man Speaks

Rodreikus Scott could hardly hold back his tears as he narrated how miserable his life had been following the fake police shooting incidence.

13 News Now reported that: JACKSON, Ga. — A man accused of shooting a police officer who actually shot herself said his life was turned upside down after being falsely accused.

Fox5 stated that: Rodreikus Scott wiped tears from his face as he described what his life was like the days after Jackson Police Officer Sherry Hall claimed she was shot by a big Black man with dreadlocks.

“When you’re going places, people are pointing you out like; ‘He’s the one who shot a cop.’ it’s humiliating. It’s been tough,” Scott, 40, said from his attorney’s office in DeKalb County.

The Buzzfeed gave the following narration of the incident: Shortly after midnight on September 13, Jackson, Georgia, police officer Sherry Hall was on patrol when she was shot in the abdomen area of her body armor. She called in the police shooting incident, reporting that she returned fire but the gunman fled.

“He shot me, he really shot me. Why did he shoot me? I’m just trying to help him.” Hall told CBS 46 in an interview after the police shooting incident.

The details of the incident created havoc in the neighborhood where Hall had been shot as police put out reports that the suspect remained at large. But in the days after the shooting, even more tension was created in the city when investigators zeroed in on a suspect who lived less than 100 yards from where Hall had been shot — 40-year-old, lifelong Jackson resident Rodreikus Scott.

As she recovered from her wounds, Hall was interviewed by agents from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) assigned to track down the person who had shot her. She gave them the description of black man about 6-feet tall, weighing roughly 240-lbs, with pulled-back black hair, wearing a florescent green t-shirt and black jogging pants. From her description, investigators pulled together a sketch of the suspect, which they used to create a photo line-up of suspects. And from that line-up, Hall picked out Scott.

13News Now wrote that: Rodreikus Scott was later detained and interviewed by Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents. Scott said he told officers that he had been out of town at the time of the shooting and that he was innocent. But he was told that Hall had identified him as the man who shot her. Scott was never arrested.

“I’ve never seen this officer a day in my life,” Scott said.

Fox5 added that: Scott said he allowed investigators to search his home and his car. He said they searched his body for gunshot wounds since hall claimed she fired at her purported gunman.

“They also made me take off my clothes in front of my one year old daughter. It was humiliating. I felt like cattle,” he told reporters.

Buzzfeed elaborating on the interrogation process wrote that: Scott adds that people in his neighborhood became aware that he was a suspect in the case, causing some alarm in a neighborhood still reeling from the reports that a gunman was on the loose.

“It made me feel terrible. It made me feel bad, man. Just terrible,” Scott said.

He became increasingly paranoid and had trouble sleeping. When asked by GBI agents if he would take a lie detector test to further prove his story, Scott said he absolutely would take the test. But then a week passed, and Scott never heard any follow up from investigators.

Fox5 stated that: Authorities ultimately determined Officer Hall was, in fact, lying. More than a week after the shooting, they said she made the whole story up to cover up what really happened–an apparent, self-inflicted gunshot wound at the hands of an officer who had only been on the job three months.

After spending more than 600 hours investigating Hall’s claims, GBI investigators charged her with four felonies: violation of the oath of office, false statements, tampering with evidence and interference with government property. The attorneys say they have not filed a lawsuit, but add they haven’t ruled one out either.

Now mentioned that: Lawyers for Scott said he suffered harm from being falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit.


“I was scared for my life,” Scott said. “I was scared for my family’s life.”

He said that he found out that Hall was being charged by watching the news, and that Jackson authorities never reached out and apologized to him.
However, Jackson’s police chief, James Morgan. told 11Alive’s Kaitlyn Ross that he did apologize to Scott in person and that his officers never interviewed him. He said that the GBI took over the investigation and that other people who fit the description given by Hall had also been interviewed. He said it’s standard police procedure to interview people in the area.

Morgan said that Hall had been highly recommended, and passed a physical and background check before beginning with the department.
Hall remains in jail facing four felony counts after she was denied bond.

Scott’s attorneys said they have not filed a lawsuit yet, but said they want the city to come to them with a solution that will allow Scott to live in peace.
This shooting came in the height of unrest around the country due to fatal police shootings of unarmed black men.

Scott happens to be a fortunate Black man who has not been thrown into jail yet, just like they do to most of Black people. It’s a shame that the officer didn’t hesitate to tell a blatant lie about the shooting and continued to lie even knowing that she was going to frame an innocent man. We hope Scott pushes his suit forward as soon as possible as it may save lives of some other innocent men.

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