Protesters: ‘Don’t Vote For Hillary, She’s Killing Black People!’

The former First Lady and Secretary of State’s candidacy continues to receive consistent backlash from protest groups.

Protesters took to social media to post a simple, but significant message, which they shouted before being forcefully escorted out at a Hillary Clinton rally in Philadelphia.

The protesters representing the Black Lives Matter movement wrote “Don’t vote for Hillary, she’s killing black people!” – a chant that they screamed vociferously to disrupt the event before clashing with Secret Service agents, who eventually kicked them out.

The never-ending controversies connected with Clinton’s campaign events indicate that the former First Lady and Secretary of State, who was considered earlier in the race as favorite to win and woo African-Americans, is not so popular among activists advocating for the rights, dignities and freedoms of this all-important voting bloc.

But why exactly has Clinton’s candidacy received such a strong backlash in the African-American community?

The protesters rallying against a Hillary Clinton White House have stated that the Former FLOTUS has only gotten closer to or given the impression of addressing issues affecting black people when it politically serves her right, citing that she supports organizations like Planned Parenthood, despite evidence of systemic racism in their practices.

In recent weeks, protesters have disrupted several Clinton campaign events to air their discontent about her involvement in passing into law her husband Bill Clinton’s 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act, which has been widely criticized for having disproportionately devastating effects on communities of color, especially African-Americans.

At the Philadelphia rally, Clinton fell short just like her husband did in addressing the concerns of the protesters by scolding them for failing to be polite, which goes to prove that her oval office bid is not in the best interest of the oppressed African-American community.

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